President’s Blog–Shooting from the Lip; Sep 2013


So….what’s new? This is a new season for the photography club. And the club has a new president.

Who is this new president? His name is Mark Naumann. He grew up in central Minnesota. After high school, he escaped his small town and spent the next 30 years traveling the world with the Air Force, carrying a camera when he could. In 2008, he moved his family to Lakeville, and in 2012 retired from 31 years of Military service. He now works a nine-to-five job, which really cuts into his photography (but it does feed the family). He is starting his third year as a MVPC member.

This President’s BLOG is also new. I’m using this forum to share my thoughts and philosophies about photography and leading the club, and to share discussions of club activities.

What are some new issues in photography:

– Last spring, Google acquired Nik Software and is now offering the whole package (six programs) for $150. This is very powerful software. Maybe learning about Nik software can be a Focus night activity?

– Adobe is offering Photoshop and other programs in the “Creative Cloud” by subscription only—no more buying the disk. Before you scream, do the math—is software subscription more affordable than purchase? Or maybe this will serve as the catalyst for other photo editing programs to become more widely used?

– Speaking of Adobe, they are releasing Lightroom 5, which contains some new features. At $150 ($79 for an upgrade), Lightroom is reasonably priced considering its capabilities.

These are some good topics—hopefully we can discuss these and more through the year.

I’m also wondering what you shot this summer. Perhaps you captured images of some far away exotic place (like Asia or South America), or someplace not so far away (like our North Shore), or someplace close to home, like a farmer’s market. For me, I photographed at and attended Scouting’s National Jamboree at their new facility in West Virginia and also traveled with the Commemorative Air Force’s Minnesota Wing to several events in the state. What ever you shot this summer, I’m looking forward to seeing your images in our club salons.

I’m excited to be part of the MVPC and to have the opportunity to serve you as president. What makes this position enjoyable, as well as relatively easy, is the energetic and motivated board members who make the club run. Thank you!

One of my philosophies learned as a Boy Scout is that “many hands make work light.” I encourage all of you to pitch in and help, at least little, where you can.

Oh—one more thing. You might be wondering about the hat. To learn why I’m wearing it, come to the September meeting—I’ll tell you there!

Good Day,

So why is the MVPC President wearing that hat?

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