April 2014 President’s BLOG–Shooting from the Lip

Welcome to Spring!

I was going to present an April Fools Day joke, but decided against it.  Considering the joke the weather and meteorologists are playing on us, I think we have enough to laugh (or cry) about.

Most of you may be familiar with well-known and accomplished photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Annie Leibovitz.  How about Vivian Maier?  Who?  Vivian worked as a nanny in Chicago.  In her spare time, she photographed. She captured raw images of everyday life of the 1960s in vivid black and white.  While alive, she never

Photo by Vivian Maier

shared her work with anyone.  After her death in 2009, her collection of over 100,000 prints, negatives, and films surfaced in flea markets, where collectors discovered them.  The value of her images quickly rose, and collectors made efforts to keep the collection intact.

You can learn more about Vivian Maier and her images in the recently published book, Vivian Maier:  Out of the Shadows.  You can also view her images at  vivianmaierphotography. The Feb 2014 issue of Shutterbug magazine has an encompassing story of Vivian and her photography, but I am unfortunately unable to find the article online.

Would you like to view Vivian’s images without leaving town?  You can!  The Minneapolis Photo Center now has a permanent gallery dedicated to Vivian Maier’s photography. Lesson learned from the Vivian Maier story:  share your photos now while you are alive so the rest of us can enjoy them in your company.

I ran across this in Photolife, a Canadian photography magazine.  I don’t know if this is

Image from Hyetis.com

for real or if it’s someone’s idea of an April Fools Day joke.  The Hyetis Crossbow Watch has a 41 MP camera with optical zoom, integrated ring flash, hi-def microphone, light meter, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, hygrometer, depth meter, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, biometric sensors, and more.  And, it connects to smart phones running popular operating systems.  Oh, and it’s also a Swiss watch.  If this device looks appealing to you, don’t wait too long.  This is a limited edition of 500 copies, available for $1200.  That’s less than a high-end Nikon or Canon body!  The manufacturer’s website provides some images and specs.  At $1200, I think I will wait until I can see one in person.

LEGO!!  Those brightly colored plastic construction bricks from Denmark.  Who remembers creating with them as a child?  Who has children who play with them?  Who, as an adult, still builds with them?  If you answered yes to any of the above (I confess to all three of the above), you should see the LEGO movie.  I will warn you ahead of time that the movie’s theme song “Everything is Awesome!” can get stuck in your head.  What’s the link between LEGO and photography?  While playing with his son’s LEGOs, Andrew Whyte discovered a camera as an accessory for the tiny figures.  Equipped with the camera, one of the figures became a photographer.  Andrew documents, using macro photography, the adventures of the LEGO photographer and features the images on his Legography site.

"The Search" by Andrew Whyte, Legography

Click here for the PRI story of Andrew Whyte and his journey into Legography.






Mark Naumann

MVPC President

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