May 2014 President’s BLOG–Shooting from the Lip


Our May meeting is on the first day of May—May Day.  Many cultures celebrate May Day.  Those celebrations may involve dancing around a May Pole while decorating it with colored ribbons.

One tradition of May Day that I remember as a child was placing a basket of flowers or candy at the door of one’s sweetheart, ringing the doorbell, then running so the recipient would not see the identity of their admirer.  If the sweetheart caught the admirer in the act of leaving the basket, the recipient was granted a kiss.  I was pretty excited when I caught Wendy, the little blond girl in my class, leaving a basket for me.  Ahhhh….childhood romance.

May Day is also celebrated as International Worker’s Day.  One might guess this observance originated in a Communist state, such as the Soviet Union or Cuba, but it did not.  International Worker’s Day has its origins in America.

“MAYDAY” is also the internationally recognized distress call.  When faced with a life-threatening emergency, a ship’s or aircraft’s crew will broadcast on the radio, “MAYDAY!  MAYDAY!  MAYDAY!”, then describe their dire situation.  Hopefully, someone hears the distress call and comes to the crew’s aid.  Why “MAYDAY”? Why not “THANKSGIVING” or “INDEPENDENCE DAY” or “CHRISTMAS”?  “MAYDAY” was derived from the French verb “M’aider”, which means, “help me”.  Like many foreign phrases, it loses a little in translation.  “Mayday” is a rather crude, yet pronounceable, English representation of the original French term.

“MAYDAY!  MAYDAY!  MAYDAY!”  “The Minnesota Valley Photo Club is in distress!”  Well, okay, the club is not faced with a life-threatening emergency, but does require some help.  To continue the salon next season (starting Sept 2014), the club requires volunteers to run the salon.  One member can step forward to be the salon chair and be assisted by Kevin and Jerry.  Or, a group of volunteers (many hands make work light) can step forward to manage the salon and still be assisted by Kevin and Jerry.  I realize that no organization is perfect, but I believe our club’s volunteers do a great job of providing learning opportunities, and one of those opportunities is our salon.

Let me share a story:  A few years ago, the club did not have a website.  “Who is going to build our website?”  Not one, not two, but three ladies stepped forward to design and build the club’s attractive, award-winning website.  When they started, they knew little or nothing about web design, but they learned by doing.  Their collective effort made a great contribution to the club—thank you Web Goddesses!

As members, the club is yours.  You decide what you want and what you are willing to support.  The club’s Board of Directors will do what we can to facilitate the membership’s desires, but the club needs members to contribute.  Thank you for considering to help!





Mark Naumann

MVPC President

And now for something related to photography—the recent N4C winning images!

Al Kiecker ,DP,In Memory Of The 29; honorable mention

Dennis Newton ,DN,Sunrise On Buffallo River; first place









Jason Ponfil ,DN,Great Horned Owl; merit award

Jason Ponfil ,DP,St Mary Lake; honorable mention









Jason Ponfil ,DT,Kayaking Glacier; merit award

Maxine Saul ,DC,Shadow Play; merit award









Mary Pearson , DC, Sugardale Barn; merit award














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