Sep-Oct 2014 President’s BLOG–Shooting From the Lip

Welcome to our 2014-2015 season of photo club activities.

At our first meeting in September, I discussed our club’s mission:  To advance the art and science of photography and to provide members the opportunity to increase and develop their photography knowledge and skills.  So, if you want to learn about photography, you are in the right place.

To achieve the above goals, I challenged the members to do four things:

  1. Learn Something
  2. Teach Something (Share)
  3. Meet Someone New (Fellowship)
  4. Have Fun

No matter how much we think we know, we can always learn something—step out of your comfort zone and learn something new.  If we are all learning, someone has to be teaching.  Regardless of our skill level, we all have something to share with the club.  Reach beyond your current circle of friends and meet someone new in the club.  Photography (and everything) is a richer experience if we share the experience through fellowship.  Enjoy doing all of the above—have fun!

The club’s board of directors is committed to making the club a fun place to learn and to make new friends.  If there is something you want to learn—printing, lighting, digital workflow—please tell the board.  We offer educational opportunities through the Program and Salon at our meetings, Focus Night activities, and Field Trips.  Please tell us want you would like to learn, and we will try to make it happen.

You may notice this BLOG’s title reads:  “Sep-Oct BLOG”.  What happened to a monthly BLOG from the president?  I enjoy writing and inflicting my wit and wisdom on you.  The demands of work and family responsibilities consume time and energy, and leave me little time to write this BLOG.  This season will see a bi-monthly BLOG.

Photo Gadgets: In this age of digital imaging and post-processing, you may think the use of filters (those round glass discs you screw onto the end of your lens) is an obsolete technique.  Well, it’s not.  I still use filters—my favorites being a circular polarizer and an enhancing filter (pops the reds and yellows in fall foliage)—I can’t seem to reproduce those effects in Photoshop.  One frustration of using filters is swapping them between lenses, especially when their threads stick.  Xume has a solution!  Their filter adapters make attaching and removing filters from lenses very easy.  Attach the Xume adapter to your lens, the Xume ring to the filter, and magnetic attraction will keep the filter attached to your lens and allow you to easily remove the filter.  One drawback is the Xume adapter ring disables your standard lens cap.  But don’t fret—Xume is developing a lens cap to work with their rings.  Read a review of the Xume Quick Release Adapter or visit Xume’s website for more information.

In case your sense of humor needs to be lubricated, here is some photography humor from “What The Duck”:



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