N4C September 2014 Winners

N4C September 2014 Winners

Welcome to MVPC’s Recognition Page, where the club will feature members who have received awards and recognition for their photography skills.  The below photographers and images received N4C (North Central Camera Club Council)  awards in the September contest.

CONGRATULATIONS!!  Beautiful work.


Dennis Newton, DN,Wildernes Bay first place

Jason Ponfil, DN,Come Closer merit award

Maxine Saul DB,Amsterdam Canal merit award

Maxine Saul DN,Tricolor Heron merit award

Maxine Saul, DP, Unhappy Pumpkin Girl merit award

Mick Richards ,DT, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone NP Wyoming merit award

Mick Richards, DP, Baptism Falls Daredevil merit award

Rick Graves, DB,Cascade merit award

Sheila Mattson DN,Moose Eating Dandelions Merit award

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