Salon Information

sa·lon n. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms)
a. a hall for exhibiting works of art
b. such an exhibition, esp one showing the work of living artists

Part of MVPC’s general meeting is devoted to salons. Each meeting has 6 salons: Novice Topic, Novice Open, Monochrome Topic, Monochrome Open, Color Topic, Color Open. The monthly salons alternate between prints and projected digital images. The topics are determined the previous year by club vote.

For more detailed information on entering salons, see the links listed below.

Salon Rules -Updated 7/20/17

Candidate Topics for 2018-2019 -Updated 2/17/18

To enter monthly salons, go to the ‘For Our Members’ page to upload your images.

MVPC Salon FAQ – Updated July 2017
Image sizing for MVPC digital submissions using Lightroom – Updated Aug 2017
How To Resize and Sharpen with Elements – Updated Aug 2017
Image sizing for MVPC digital submissions using Faststone – Updated Aug 2017
How To Resize and Sharpen With PhotoShop – Updated Aug 2017
Resizing Photos with IrfanView
Resize Photos with Corel Paint – PDF
Salon Statistics for 2016-2017 – PDF

2017 – 2018 Salon Topics

Salon Month Salon Topic Due by Topic Definition
September Digital – Motion – Mechanical 8/3/17 Devices with Moving Parts
October Print – Trad II – Church Architecture 9/7/17 Depicts a Place of Worship
November Digital – People – Hands 10/5/17 Primary Element is One or More Person’s Hands
January Print – Scenic – Twin Cities 12/7/17 Subject is an identifiable and unique element of Minneapolis or St. Paul
February Digital – Nature -Rust 1/4/18 Subject shows the effects of the oxidation of iron
March Print – Technique -Macro 2/1/18 Up Close; Near Life Size or Greater
April Digital – Trad I -Food 3/1/18 Be creative in capturing a photo of food meant for human consumption
May Print – Emotion -Cold 4/5/18 Evokes Feeling of Being “Cold”
June End of Year Competition

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