– Dick Sheidler Memorial Award

Dick Sheidler

Dick Sheidler Memorial Award

Minnesota Valley Photo Club’s first President was Dick Sheidler.  He was born on May 12, 1929 in Columbus Ohio.  He died on January 24, 1988 and is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.  It has been stated that Dick was one of the most well-rounded photographers in the club.  In his honor, The Dick Sheidler Memorial Award was introduced to the club for the 1989 – 1990 club year to honor the club member who has best demonstrated exemplary skill in their photographic capabilities in composition, story, and technical skill.  The exact qualifications are listed in the salon rules each year.


Year Recipient
1991 Rich Roberts
1992 Mark Freier
1995 Mark Freier
1998 Mark Freier
2001 Judy Leipnitz
2002 David Brown
2003 David Brown
2004 David Brown
2005 David Perez
2006 David Perez
2007 David Perez
2008 David Perez
2009 Maxine Saul
2010 David Perez
2011 Rick Graves
2012 David Perez
2013 David Perez
2016 Julie Ackerman
2017 David Perez
2018 David Perez
2019 David Perez
2020 David Perez
2021 David Perez
2022 David Perez
2023 David Perez

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